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Get to know me


Since I was a little girl I knew that I would become a Hair Stylist.  I started my training in high school, being blessed to have the opportunity and I took it!  
I spent my first 4 years floating around a few different salons in the Bloomington Normal area.  In 2010 I started working in a corporate salon, a year later I was a manager of another location.  After 3 years of managing I became a District Manager.  Where I enjoyed the wins for stylists and managers that I was coaching during that time I truly missed being behind the chair and teaching fellow stylists.  After 2 years as a District Manager, I decided it was time to work behind the chair exclusively.   I worked in a small shop located in Bloomington for 4 years and learned all about a brand I know now and love.
Milkshake hair care and color changed my life as a Stylist and made me the Educator I knew I wanted to be.  When I first started using milkshake it was little by little.  What I first noticed was that my colors were coming out more true to tone than I had ever witnessed, the health of the hair was better after the color than before, the shine was out of this world and there was virtually no odor.  As I dove deeper into this brand I had to know more.  So I became an educator.....well I auditioned to be an educator, which was scary in it's self.  However by the grace of God they liked me!!  So started my journey of discovering the most amazingly scientific hair line with the most beautiful ingredient list I have ever seen. With that I now have the pleasure of going into salons all over Illinois and parts of Indiana to share my love for Concept and Milkshake.  
In 2020 I decided that I was ready to work as an independent stylist, in order to be more in charge of my guest experience and the business I conduct.  I know offer wedding services as well as hair services for photoshoots.  
I have a wild passion for beautiful healthy hair, and my favorite part of the day is the smile on your face at the end of the service.

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